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Beyond climbing, Rock Mill is home to a growing yoga, movement and fitness community. Our newly expanded fitness area provides plenty of room to move and play as you build strength and mobility and weekly yoga classes in the climbing hall provide the space you need to flow safely.


While our regular yoga program is on hold, join us in our 6,000 sqft. climbing hall for morning yoga on Saturday and Sundays at 8am. Mats are spaced wide to allow for plenty of room to flow comfortably and safely. 

Yoga with Martha

Saturdays @8am

Your body will be challenged in an entirely new way as strength and flexibility are maximized in this rigorous, energizing and powerful flow. You will build heat from within connecting each breath to intentional movements.

Yoga with Matthew

Sundays @8am

De-stress through postures and meditation in a slower flow drawing from Hatha yoga tradition. This class is designed to be centering and well-rounded, allowing you the opportunity to pull back from a fast paced life.


Rock Mill offers different options for training for optimal fitness.

Rock Mill Weight Lifting Equipment


Our weight training area is stocked with barbells, dumbbells, benches, and a steel frame for hanging exercises. We also have several kettlebells and resistance bands.


Our fitness room has an open space with rubber flooring for bodyweight movement, box jumps, and three sets of rings at adjustable heights. Basic cardio equipment is also available.

Rock Mill Members Doing Handstands In The Fitness Room
Man Climbing On The Tension Board While His Friends Cheer Him On


Our latest feature is a Tension Board, an adjustable-angle climbing wall designed specifically for climbing movement training. A mirrored layout allows for balanced training exercises and next level movement practice. Download the Tension Board app to select specific routes and track your progress.


The campus board is a standard in advanced training for climbing. Campus board workouts can increase finger strength and improve dynamic movement. Our campus board is located opposite our climbing wall in the climbing hall.  

Man Training On The Campus Board.

Learn more about Rock Mill’s COVID-19 precautions.